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When It comes to choosing a platform that’s best geared to help you build your personal branding, LinkedIn is definitely the go-to social media channel, with over 500 million members and consistent rapid growth.

LinkedIn gives you many ways in which to grow your personal branding. Below are the Top 19 Ways of Building Your Personal Branding through LinkedIn:

1. Create your value proposition

It’s all about being different and creating your unique selling point. Clearly tell your LinkedIn contacts what your unique proposition is and how you differentiate yourself from others. Share with your connections what drives your passion.

2. Write an attention-grabbing headline

The headline appears under your name on your LinkedIn profile. Focus on what keywords your prospects will be using in searches to find people in a similar industry like yours. Incorporate these keywords into your headline, by sharing on how you help people get their jobs done. Customized headlines will make it easier for your prospects to find you and helps your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

3. Build an all-star profile. Focus on optimizing your profile.

  • Use a good headshot picture:

Nobody would like to connect to a faceless profile. Build trust by uploading your proper headshot picture. Don’t forget to smile.

  • Make use of background image:

Instead of posting some random mountain picture, post a customized background image which is more related to your professional life.

  • Capitalize the multimedia attachment as social proof:

Update your profile with some of your past project’s images. This will increase your credentials on LinkedIn.

  • Identify the key industry terms and used it effectively in your profile summary:

Search for your industry related keywords and use it effectively in your profile summary. This will help your prospect identify easily with your profile. While crafting your summary, share who you are, how you help people to solve their problems and state your industry experience.

  • Add links to your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Use a customized URL

LinkedIn has a high Google Page Rank. By customizing your LinkedIn URL with your full name, your name can rank high in Google.

5. Update your skills and get endorsed by your connections

You can update up to 50 skills in your LinkedIn profile. The top 3 skills are visible without a click. Choose skills you want to feature prominently on your profile. Endorsements increase your credibility among your prospects. Ask for recommendations from your LinkedIn contacts.

6. Connect with the right people.

Connect to like-minded people and keep growing meaningful LinkedIn networks. Focus on building an interactive and engaged community with your LinkedIn network.

7. Build professional reputation through your post

Post content relevant to your current profession or business, keep it subject orientated and not generalised. Narrow down your key topics and create content revolving around these topics.

8. Post valuable content

Add value to your LinkedIn circle. Share some industry-related topics which can add real value to your LinkedIn contacts.

9. Be authentic & consistent with your voice

  • Be YOU. Be authentic and real.
  • Learn from other successful LinkedIn influencers and be inspired by them. Don’t compare your LinkedIn personal branding journey with theirs, just be honest & authentic about your journey.

10. Post video content

LinkedIn, in 2019, now places more emphasis on video content, so start sharing video content consistently as part of your content marketing strategy.

11. Share your story about your professional journey.

Stories empower and touch humans like no other medium. Connect directly to your audience’s emotions. Share with your audience how your professional journey started, the trials and tribulations you faced along the way, what you learned and how it has shaped your character and helped you enhance your professional life. Inspire others through your story.

12. Engage with other peoples content

Show your appreciation, by interacting with the content of your followers and connections. Like and comment on their post if it resonates with you and supports your LinkedIn connections by genuinely engaging with their post.

13. Learn from LinkedIn influencers

Excellence remodelling. Find LinkedIn influencers from your industry and see what kind of content they are sharing. You can learn how they connect to their audience and add value to their followers.

14. Join industry-related groups

A LinkedIn group is a great platform for you to share your expertise and insight and ask for guidance from fellow group members. You can join up to 100 groups on LinkedIn. It’s a great platform to build connections with people of similar interests.

15. Write an article on LinkedIn

Writing an article is a great way for you to contribute your professional insight on LinkedIn. Your article will be displayed on your profile. A well-written article will help you to generate more visibility on LinkedIn.

16. Add value

Always focus on adding value through your LinkedIn engagement (comment, message, and post). Do not spam your contact’s inbox with 100s of hard-selling messages. Give before you ask. Ask your contacts on how you can help them. Add value to them in the best possible way.

17. Create a SlideShare account

Share your presentation on SlideShare. Slides uploaded on SlideShare get indexed by Google. Add your SlideShare presentation on your LinkedIn profile to boost your visibility on LinkedIn.

18. Share your LinkedIn profile on other social media channels

Tap on your connections from other social media networks. Ask them to follow you on LinkedIn.

19. Bring your connection from online to offline

Participate in #LinkedIn local in your area, as it is another gateway that may open doors to new business opportunities, allowing you to catch up with your LinkedIn connections in person.

In Conclusion

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn needs consistency and persistence. It requires a lot of effort to build a good, strong personal branding but it is well worth the effort and time, to build solid and fruitful connections.

Crafting a strong personal branding on LinkedIn will create a lot of new opportunities and possibilities for you.

If you haven’t begun to build your personal brand on LinkedIn, you are definitely missing out on many great opportunities. Wait no more; use the top tips above and start building today.

So, what are your thoughts about creating your personal branding on LinkedIn?

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