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Sometimes you feel happy; sometimes you feel sad. ??

Sometimes you have the world under your feet; other times you feel everything’s too heavy.
Sometimes you feel you have all the answers and then again you’re just lost in the puzzles.
We all have been there. What can you do when you are feeling low? When you are down in the doldrums it’s good to have some ‘secret shifters’ up your sleeve…
So what is this ‘secret shifters’?
Secret Shifters is some form of activity you can do to change your ‘feeling low’ mood and change your frequency to a higher vibration. It can be a simple act like listening to your favourite music.?
Some of the ‘Secret Shifters’ are:
-recall some of your favourite memories…
-thinking of your favourite things or loved ones…
-getting outside more…
-walking outdoors or surrounding yourself with nature?
-listening to music
It only takes a simple conscious thought to change how you feel. In the end, it’s entirely up to you to make a really beautiful life for yourself.
One of my favourite ‘ Secret Shifters” is to get closer to nature and mother earth.

What are your ‘Secret Shifters”? ?: Yathav

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