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When you are passionate about something, every approach you take will be different.

For me sharing knowledge has always been my passion. Since young, I always loved to share the new things I learned with my friends.
Sometimes the entire conversation would look like a “knowledge transfer” session. ?
People always said, “You’re going to be a teacher.”
Some called it “your calling.” But how do we know what is our “calling”?
Maybe following something that truly brings joy to you can guide you to your “calling.” I was in my “elements” in the picture above. It was taken at my recent digital marketing training.
I’m a passionate trainer. I always feel so pumped up and in the ‘zone” during my training. I believe through my training I can truly impact someone’s life & business in a positive way.
I am most passionate about bringing positive impact through my training.
What are you passionate about?

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