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“Serena’s Worst defeat in her two decades-spanning careers” scream the headlines on every top sports news site. She is just making a comeback to the sports world after a year’s hiatus to become a mother…and battling life-threatening pulmonary embolism during the delivery.

Will this defeat break her or fuel her? Being the sportsperson she is…..I’m sure this will fuel her.

I always enjoy watching tennis. I find tennis very similar to business.

You need to put 100+ hours of hard work to practice your craft and master it. You need an amazing team to support you to chase your goals and to encourage you when you lose a game. You need a great coach to guide and motivate you to excel.

And watching Serena for so many years I have always admired her lioness-like on-court intensity and her never-die attitude. It will be amazing to watch her when she is near the defeated line. Her focus will get more intense. She will find ways to turn the game around. Serena always takes her loss to fuel her to make a winning comeback. I think this defeat will fuel her to work harder. Grand slam No 24 is very near.

As entrepreneurs, acknowledge your defeat, improve your strategy, take time to master your craft and surround yourself with people who will lift you up when the battle gets tough.

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