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Have you used video as one of your social media marketing tools? If you have not used it as one of your social marketing strategies; the time is now. Videos are fun and informative. They keep your audience interested.

The number of videos being shared on Facebook is increasing rapidly. Ever growing the popularity of YouTube, Instagram and Vine encourage more business to explore video marketing.

In this article, you will discover 5 ways of using video for your social media marketing.

1: Create a Video Tutorial

You can start creating a tutorial video to teach people “How to do something”.

-How to exercise?
-How to cook pasta?
-How to do video editing?
-How to do a photoshoot?

2. Interview

You can interview experts from your industry and share the video with your audience. The interaction between two people during an interview can be more engaging for the audience. You also can prepare some questions which the audience is likely to ask and get the expert to touch on these topics during the interview. This method can help the audience to find solutions for their problems. If the content of the video is good and helpful, the audience will share it with their friends and professional circle. This will increase your visibility and help make your video viral.

3. Behind the Scenes Video

You can create a behind the scenes video involving your employee and your business process. This is an interesting way to show your fans/followers, the people behind your business. These videos will create a closer relationship between your business and fans/followers. Behind the scenes videos are also a great way to showcase your company culture to your fans/followers.

4. Showcase Customer Testimonials

Nothing can beat a testimonial from a happy customer. Interesting video testimonials from your customers can add more value to your business. Try to come out with unique ways of putting your customers’ testimonials into a video. These testimonial videos can definitely be good marketing tools for your business.

5. Reveal a New Product

You can create a fun and unique video to reveal new products from your company. You can create a short video series to reveal your new product. This is a fun way to increase your audience’s natural curiosity. The audience will anticipate what is coming next.

The next time you come across an interesting video on a social network, take note of the idea they try to spark. Do you use different techniques in your video creation? Please share your ideas in the comments sections.

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